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10 myths about lipcare

Can lip care be addictive? Does it really dry the lips out? Can lips burn in the sun? 

We’re here to lift the lid on 10 myths about lipcare and lips!


A little guide to winter kissing

Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter – it’s always a good time to pucker up. But when the weather starts to cool down again, flu outbreaks start to return in full force.

On our little guide to winter kissing we reveal why kissing feels so good during the colder season and what to watch out for.


Kissing culture

Different countries, different lips! From romantic to sensual, secretive or even forbidden – the way we exchange kisses differs tremendously around the globe.

Kissing culture article reveals more secrets and facts about kissing habits from all around the world. 


Labello lip trends for spring

Springtime is when colour returns to our lives. Berry red, coral and baby pink – these shades are guaranteed to make your lips look radiant! 

But if you’re not in the mood for statement lips, you can use natural shades to bring a vernal freshness back to your face. Discover the latest lip trends that await you this spring.

Greetings around the world: Kiss on the cheek

Greetings around the world

Kissing is a common way of greeting people all around the world. Find out what a kiss symbolises and why it’s essential to take good care of your lips.

The article Greetings Around The World focuses on the different ways to greet others around the world.


The science of kissing

What’s in a kiss? Find out more about the science behind locking lips, how kissing evolved and great ways to care for your lips for smooth smooching.

The article The Science of Kissing docuses on why human beings have evolved to show their affection with a kiss.


Anatomy of the lips

The lips are a truly unique body part. Discover more about the anatomy of the lips and how to take the best care of them for a healthy-looking smile.

The article Anatomy of the Lips focuses on how the anatomy of the lips allows us to eat, smile and kiss.


Labello Original: Classic lip care

Labello customers have been enjoying smooth, healthy-looking lips for over 100 years thanks to Labello Original formula. 

The article Labello Original: Classic lip care is a great introduction to the history, benefits and successes of our truly iconic lip care products.

Labello Chapped lips teaser

Chapped lips – how to keep lips smooth

Make chapped lips a thing of the past: Discover what causes very dry lips, the best products to use and tips for preventing and treating sore lips.
The article Chapped lips – how to keep lips smooth focuses on how to treat chapped lips.
Labello Lip care basics teaser

Lip care basics - How to care for your lips

Delicate lips need special care! Here’s how to look after them using the best lip balm products to leave your lips the smoothest they’ve ever been.

The article Lip care basics – How to care for your lips focuses on the basics of lip care.

Labello Lip Butter teaser

Lip butter – how to get smooth lips

All buttered up: Why lip butters are so good for your lips, how their special formula keeps lips looking beautiful and which lip butter is right for you. 

The Lip butter – how to get smooth lips article focuses on lip butters.

All about Labello teaser

Labello – the brand for beautiful lips

Labello: Learn more about the world’s most used lip care brand, its history and which products could give you the smooth pout you’ve always wanted.

The Labello – the brand for beautiful lips article focuses on everything you need to know about the brand.

Labello Beautiful lips teaser

Beautiful lips – keeping lips smooth

Beautiful lips are always on trend and getting a smooth pout has never been easier. Learn more about how to take care of your lips all year round.
The Beautiful lips – keeping lips smooth article focuses on how to achieve smooth lips.

Kissable lips teaser

Kissable lips – tips & tricks

Pucker up! Discover how to get kissable lips and a healthy-looking smile by following a few tips and perfecting your lip care routine.
The Kissable lips – tips & tricks article focuses on how to get kissable lips.
Woman applying lip balm.

Lip balm benefits – keep smiling

Smiling has more benefits than you might think! Discover why smiling is important and how the right lip balm can make your smile shine more brightly.

The Lip balm benefits – keep smiling article focuses on smiling and its benefits.

Healthy smile.

Lip balm ingredients – lip care made easy

The secret to healthy-looking lips is a good lip care routine: Find out the most effective lip balm ingredients and how to find the right product for you.
The Lip balm ingredients – lip care made easy  article focuses on finding the perfect lip product with effective lip balm ingredients.
Woman with sun hat on beach.

Lip balm with SPF – when should you use it

Your lips need protecting from the sun too: Find out more about when it’s important to use a lip balm with SPF and the benefits of sun protection for lips.
The Lip balm with SPF – when should you use it article focuses on when you should use a lip balm with SPF.

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