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Repair & Beauty


The formula contains dexpanthenol, vitamin E, jojoba oil, shea butter and menthol.

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Apply as needed.

Care effect

Repair has never been so beautiful with Labello’s unique new double action formula:


1 REPAIR: A core of dexpanthenol for dry, chapped lips.
2 BEAUTY: A coat of colour for a healthy rosy finish.

Colour and Shine

Labello Repair & Beauty leaves a rosy finish on your lips.


  • What is special about Labello Repair & Beauty?

    With the two-phase core technology, the new Labello Repair & Beauty provides the lips with intense and long-lasting care. Lips feel not only cared for, but also look healthy.
    The special ingredients of the innovative core technology work against moisture loss of lips and provide them with intensive care. Balance is restored to lips. The pigments of the rosé coating give lips a discreet and natural coloring.

  • Can color be evenly applied to chapped lips with Labello Repair & Beauty?

    That is exactly what is special about this product. The Labello Repair & Beauty repairs lips and simultaneously gives them a natural rosy shade. Directly after application chapped lips are noticeably softer, the product offers instant relief and effective repair for dry, chapped lips. The additional light touch of color ensures a consistent appearance and naturally beautiful lips. Through the instantaneous alleviation of chapped lips the light coloration is even.

  • Which nurturing ingredients are responsible for lip regeneration?

    The white care core nourishes chapped lips during the healing process. Nurturing ingredients like dexpanthenol, glycerin and vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate) also ensure that lips are protected from external influences. The shell contains nurturing ingredients as well, for example jojoba oil and shea butter.