Natural Volume

Natural Volume


Collagen enhancer, light reflecting pigments, SPF 15.


Apply daily as needed to moisturise lips and add sumptuous glass-like shine for natural extra volume.

Care effect

Want fuller-looking lips instantly with long-lasting moisture? Natural Volume's innovative collagen enhancers lock in moisture while light-reflecting pigments add an extra sumptuous, glass-like shine: for the subtle optical illusion of gorgeously plumper lips. Added SPF 15 protects lips against damaging UVA and UVB rays.

Colour and Shine

Labello Natural Volume is created with unique light-reflecting pigments to give lips ultra glassy shine and add instant lush volume and moisture from within for beautiful, naturally sensuous lips.



  • Will “Natural Volume” make my lips look fuller?

    Natural Volume works both on the inside and the outside of your lips! It not only moisturizes the lips – giving them, as a result, a naturally plumper appearance than when your lips are dry – but it also contains precious burdock extract and hydroponic acid, a highly effective natural volumizer. This custom blend of active ingredients also supports the natural production of collagen. A firm, dense collagen network makes lips more taut and voluptuous, helping the lips strengthen from the inside out, topped with a subtly shimmering finish. In addition to just the tiniest hint of pinkish color, the innovative formula contains light-reflecting pigments that instantly make lips appear fuller upon application.

  • Does Labello Natural Volume also provide care for my lips?

    Labello Natural Volume pampers lips with plenty of precious care ingredients. Macadamia Oil and Vitamin E nourish the skin to make it feel soft and smooth, while a UVA and UVB filters effectively help protect lips against harmful rays and sun-related ageing.

  • Does it add colour to my lips or is it transparent?

    Labello Natural Volume kisses lips with the sheerest hint of glossy rose to emphasizes and highlight the natural colour and beauty of your lips.