Soft Rosé


The innovative formula with Hydra IQ contains rose extract.


For best results apply daily to your lips.

Care effect

Do you want to enhance your lips’ natural beauty?

Labello Soft Rosé

- Underlines the natural rosiness of your lips

- Provides your lips with a velvety soft lip feeling

- Protects and cares for your lips with intensive moisturisation

Colour and Shine

Labello Soft Rosé underlines the natural rosiness of your lips and gives it a subtle rose shine. 


  • How does Labello Soft Rosé make my lips look soft and healthy?

    Labello Soft Rosé is enriched with nourishing Shea Butter and provides long-lasting moisturisation to give lips a velvety soft feeling. The added flattering rosy colour gently highlights the natural colour of your lips.

  • Can coloured lip care really protect dry lips?

    Yes, it can. Labello is made to protect and moisturise lips even when tinted. Labello Soft Rosé is enriched with Rose Extract to make your lips soft and smooth. The colour is an added benefit, which does not reduce the care effect of the product.

  • Does the product really contain roses?

    Labello Soft Rosé contains rose extract and is delicately scented of roses. Plus, it kisses lips with a subtle rose sheen, which enhances their natural beauty.